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Choosing Work Uniforms: What Not to Do

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Congratulations! You’re finally making the big shift towards using employee uniforms for your business! And if you aren’t yet, and are really here to get some more convincing, welcome aboard! We have a lot of insights for you too.

Like any major change that greatly affects your business operations and the people behind it, investing in employee uniforms and finding the right uniform service provider can be daunting. There are so many things to choose from, so many things to consider, and gasp – so many things that could go wrong when choosing work uniforms!

But don’t worry, sit tight, and keep reading: we’ve listed the most common mistakes business owners make when it comes to choosing work uniforms so you can avoid them.

The Importance of a Good Uniform

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A lot of business owners and employees these days find uniforms unnecessary, leaving their goods/services to do all the marketing. While this may work, they are missing out on the positive impact uniform-wearing employees have on customers compared to their non-uniformed counterparts.

This study shows that majority of customers perceive employees in uniforms as having better training and as being more professional and knowledgeable about their businesses. The same study, conducted in the tourism industry, also concluded that employee uniforms have a significant impact on long-term business.

This kind of impact on customers is especially important for businesses that deal with their customers face-to-face, like restaurants, hotels and retail.

With so much at stake, it’s even more important to make an informed choice about your company’s uniforms.

What NOT to do when choosing work uniforms:

Mistake #1: Getting caught up in the design and form and not paying enough attention to function.

When you have a world of colors and designs and styles to choose from, paired with your burning desire to express what your brand is all about, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. But you have to remember that function is just as important as the form. In choosing work uniforms, ask the following questions:

  •         Is this design going to make work easier and more convenient for my employees?
  •         Is this comfortable to wear?
  •         Does this give them a range of motion and ease of movement?
  •         Is it appropriate for the temperature (and other) conditions where they will be working?

Mistake #2: Going for the cheapest option.

When you’re presented with a uniform price that seems unbelievably cheap, you have to ask yourself: what makes it so cheap? What could they possibly have skimped on to be able to sell at an extremely low price? Unless you’re buying from a charitable organization, you have to remember that this supplier will still have to make a profit from the price that they gave you, so you can just imagine how much cheaper it actually is. Get free price quotes and take your time comparing your options!

Mistake #3:  Neglecting branding when picking a design.

Picking your uniforms for aesthetic purpose sounds like a fun way to waste money. As we’ve mentioned earlier, picking your designs should be a two-fold process: you have to consider both form and function. Your design should not only look good but it should also be able to sell your brand just as efficiently.

Mistake #4: Making a decision without exploring the available options.

Finding the right uniforms is not a race. Take time to consider each of your options, weigh in on the good and bad, make consultations, and take it back to the board room until you (and everyone involved) are fully at peace and content with the decision.  

Mistake #5: Not consulting the employees.   

The biggest mistake you can make in picking your uniforms is to exclude the people who will have to wear the uniforms day in and day out, all day long. While you can make careful considerations on your choices based on what’s best for your company, don’t forget to hear from your employees on what they want for their uniforms too. Your final decision can affect their employee satisfaction and productivity, so their opinion is crucial!

Partner with a reliable uniform service company!

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The secret to effortless and hassle-free decision making is to find a company that understands what it takes to find the perfect uniform to represent your workforce and your brand. SITEX can help.

SITEX has been serving companies with uniform needs since 1961 and we’ve only become better and better at our business. Contact us today at 270-631-2231 to get started on choosing work uniforms for your business!