Customer Care Training Workshop At Sitex Services

Employees Cement Valuable Customer Care Skills at our Fall 2017 Training Workshop

By Sitex Corp   /    Wednesday, November 1, 2017   /  

Customer care is a high priority here at SITEX. We value providing quality services to our customers and having great employees plays a huge role in customer satisfaction. We make sure our staff is equipped to meet all your needs.

Our testimonials go to show the care our staff provides for each client. Our clientele has provided exceptional comments on our punctuality, attention to detail and responsiveness.

But quality customer care goes deeper than hiring kind and caring staff. For phenomenal customer service, it is integral to train employees on how to provide the best customer experience. That’s why we train our employees to be as up-to-date and helpful as can be.

We had a wonderful time training our employees at this season’s training workshop! We’re confident that all of our staff is prepared to provide the best possible service for our business partners.

SITEX staff listen attentively at our Fall 2017 Training Workshop.

Although we have already built an excellent reputation within the community, SITEX always strives to be even better. You can trust that when you call us, we will listen to your each and every need and go above and beyond to provide you with wonderful service.

Despite all of our hard work, we make time to celebrate. We couldn’t forget about our regional district manager’s 40th anniversary with the company! We provided plenty of eye-catching cupcakes for Randy Caldemeyer and the staff.

Picturesque cupcakes were a must to show Randy Caldemeyer our appreciation for his services these past 40 years!

Thank you to all our employees for the hard work they put into the company!

See for yourself the wonderful customer care services our staff is continually expanding on. Give us a call and we can work together on fulfilling your linen service needs. We provide uniform services, kitchen apparel, restroom and mat services and other linen services. Call SITEX at 1-800-278-3537 today!