how to create atmosphere in a restaurant for the holidays

How to Create Atmosphere in a Restaurant for the Holidays

By Sitex Corp   /    Monday, December 4, 2017   /   ,

There’s nothing quite like the right ambiance to draw a customer in. So, learning how to create atmosphere in a restaurant that’s perfect for the holiday season could be the key to unlocking the potential of your business during the winter months.

Use these tips to help you figure out how to create atmosphere in a restaurant during the holiday season:


1. Select the right holiday playlist.

Running a formal, upscale restaurant? Play some jazzy, piano-based Christmas tracks. If you’re looking for a more laid-back vibe, opt for a few stripped-down holiday guitar covers.

Whatever you choose, it’s probably best to stay away from the most popular versions of holiday tracks. Chances are, your customers are already tired of hearing them, since every business they’ve walked into since the end of November has been playing the same songs over and over.


2. Light it up.

As any photographer or filmmaker will tell you, lighting is key when setting the mood. The same principle applies to your holiday restaurant atmosphere. Consider brightening up your restaurant a little more with some holiday lights. For a classy look, go with a few strings of polished white bulbs. For a more fun holiday restaurant atmosphere, invest in a few strings of multicolored lights.



3. Change your table settings.

Fortunately, SITEX has everything you need to create the perfect holiday table setting for your restaurant. Whether you go with a classic Christmas red, a stunning winter white, a deep, festive purple or a cool, chilly blue, SITEX has every linen option you could need.

In addition to changing your linen colors, create a festive centerpiece or napkin ring to deepen the holiday atmosphere.



4. Add some holiday flair to your restaurant menu.

You’re running a restaurant, right? So, it follows that you should definitely tap into your customers’ sense of taste when creating the perfect holiday atmosphere. Add some specialty items to your menu like unique holiday cocktails and desserts. It only takes one amazing holiday menu item to keep your guests coming back winter after winter.



5. Put a festive spin on your employee uniform.

Whether you choose to change your apron color to reflect the colors of the season or add a colorful pin or sprig of holly to your employee uniform, a simple touch of holiday spirit will brighten up your staff’s work wear.

Deck the halls with a festive restaurant ambiance. 

Anyone who eats out a lot knows that it’s as much about the ambiance as the food. So, invest in creating the perfect holiday atmosphere for your restaurant.

Happy holidays from SITEX!