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What Do Our Affiliations Mean for Your Business?

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SITEX Corp isn’t all talk and we have the badges to prove it.

Every single badge that represents our affiliations is our company’s guarantee to you that we don’t just deliver the kind of service we say we do – we have third-party companies who check our practices and certify us for honest, reliable and fair business.

Below, you can read about our business affiliations and how our membership to these organizations is beneficial for your business:

Kentucky Association of Master Contractors (KAMC)

The KAMC is an organization of more than 800 contractors and industry members that provides certifications, training, and additional resources as well as keeps members up-to-date on new laws and regulations that affect the industry. SITEX’s affiliation to this esteemed organization assures you that we are not only licensed to carry out the services that we offer but that we are on top of safety standards set out by the state and are continuously improving our procedures to serve you best.

Downtown Henderson Partnership

Downtown Henderson partners advocate to preserve and promote Henderson for economic sustainability and viability. This means that SITEX Corp is an active participant in the ongoing initiatives to transform Henderson into its best, most vital version.

Kentucky Restaurant Association (KRA)

The Kentucky Restaurant Association is a 1000-strong group of industry leaders, restaurant owners, and other stakeholders in the Kentucky restaurant scene. They help out their members by providing education, training and scholarships, as well as disseminating information relevant to their members. They are also actively advocating and lobbying for legislation that could widely benefit the association. Our affiliation with the KRA means we’re in tune with the industry and know about the latest changes affecting our clients in the food industry.

Laundry Environmental Stewardship Program

The Laundry Environmental Stewardship Program (LaundryESP) is a TRSA program aimed at making the textile and commercial laundry industry part of environmental protection through sustainable measures. Laundry companies that sport this badge have been certified by the TRSA to pass conservation efforts including water recycling, efficient energy use and reduced fuel use in deliveries. This means that your linens that have been processed by LaundryESP-certified companies that have a smaller carbon footprint on the planet.

Henderson Community Foundation (HCF)

The HCF is committed to helping Henderson evolve as a community. SITEX Corp, as an affiliate of the HCF, joins the foundation in its community efforts. We provide assistance in any way we can to help the foundation achieve its goals and further their advocacies to help Henderson become the best community that it can be, not just for its current residents but also for future generations.


Kyndle is the official chamber of commerce in Henderson County but works very closely with and serves the counties of McLean, Union and Webster. As part of Kyndle, we are in a network with a lot of other member business owners not just in Henderson but also in three other counties. It also means that we are active partners in advocacy towards helping all three counties advance economically.

Northwest Kentucky Training Consortium (NKTC)

The NKTC is a non-profit training partnership created through the efforts of local employers and several training and employment service providers. Their aim is to help jobseekers become trained and therefore more employable. This is part of an effort to bridge the gap between employers and employees by nurturing locals with new skills training. As an affiliate, SITEX Corp is a valuable member and partner in helping employees and employers alike get significant training useful in our industries. This also guarantees that we at SITEX are highly committed to the training and development of our workforce to better meet the demands of our clients.

Jasper Chamber of Commerce

As members of the chamber of commerce that serves Jasper, Indiana, we are part of a strong group of civil and business leaders who are championing the economic advancement of Jasper. This membership means that we have an expanded network and a responsibility to help fellow businesses in the area and service the community through various organizational activities.

Genesis Health Alliance

Genesis Health Alliance is a networking channel that caters to hospitals in the tri-state area. It’s also a group purchasing organization that helps medical facilities with purchase contracts. As an affiliated organization, SITEX Corp is able to guarantee that we’ve met their standards for linen services for their member facilities.

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

The SHRM is the world’s leading and largest society for human resource professionals. They represent 285,000 members who are in more than 165 countries globally. They are the leading source for HR learning, training, and other informational materials. As an affiliate, we can promise you that our HR officers have been trained and comply with the highest standards presented by the SHRM.

Poster Compliance Center

The Poster Compliance Center is the country’s leading provider of mandatory labor laws. They are the source of some of the best-quality and environmentally-sourced labor poster materials.

CSC Network

CSC Network is a network of independent laundry service companies helping each other advance in the industry. As part of this group, we help everyone in the network elevate the level of service quality that we provide our clients through continuous training and through a network effort to work with some of the best linen suppliers in the country. CSC has members all over the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

Rotary International

Our corporate responsibility doesn’t end with the four corners of our plant. It goes beyond to our community, to our country, and to the world. Our membership with Rotary International is where we express our desire to join a global community of people who want to make significant and lasting change in the world. Rotary International causes include eradicating hunger, promoting peace, fighting diseases, providing education, as well as advancing the causes of women and children and helping promote development in local economies.

Southwest Indiana Chamber of Commerce

As a member of the Southwest Indiana Chamber of Commerce, we are part of transformative projects to help boost the economy of the region. We are also involved in the chamber’s noble causes and activities and work hand-in-hand with the other members of this network to promote economic growth for the benefit of the community.

What This Means for Your Business

Our numerous affiliations are a testament to our valuable networks in the communities we work with. They also mean that we’re actively working to improve our practice in every department. We work to champion the causes of our professionals while providing our customers with the quality of service that is second to none. Our affiliations are our guarantee not just of our reputable name but also of our deepest commitment to becoming your partner in growth.

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