Fire and Water when it comes to FR Uniforms

Care of Flame Resistant Uniforms

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At SITEX, we not only consider ourselves experts in helping companies create a professional image for their team members, but also experts in the care and repair of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Last week, we made our case about the benefits of flame resistant garments, but a slapdash approach to their care will leave them…

Industrial worker causing shower of sparks

Flame Resistant Uniforms: Why You Need Them

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For many industries, the cost of flame resistant clothing may seem daunting, especially in comparison to everyday work clothing. However, proper protective uniforms should be seen as an investment in the safety of your workers. Since 1970, workplace fatality rates have been reduced by more than 66 percent and occupational injury and illness rates have…

Uniforms and common mistakes

Common mistakes in uniform selection

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Selecting company uniforms for your employees sounds easy enough, but simply choosing the cheapest or flashiest one is often a mistake. Uniforms are the personal face of your business, providing protection, advertising, and a consistent image for your customers to relate to. While we’ve already written about the reasons to use uniforms in your industry,…

Industrial Denim

History of Jeans

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The Germans have lederhosen. The Japanese have kimonos. The Greeks have togas. But what represents pure American style? A pair of riveted blue jeans. And the history of blue jeans is a quintessentially American story, with working-class origins, entrepreneurialist spirit, and an egalitarian attitude towards fashion. Blue jeans were created by Levi Strauss and Jacob…

Hospital linens and care

Outfitting your company

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Certain uniforms are as recognizable as the company logo. UPS, Target, the United States Armed Forces, they all have a standard day-to-day dress for their employees that is immediately recognizable. That doesn’t mean that iconic uniforms don’t ever need a revamp. The US Postal Service recently announced that they were testing new uniforms in select…