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Why We Clean Green

By Sitex Corp   /    Wednesday, April 13, 2016  /   , , , , ,
On April 22, Earth Day will be celebrated worldwide with events, presentations, and speeches to help demonstrate support for environmental protection. This almost 50 year old event has tackled pollution, global warming, clean energy, and many other facets of environmentalism, and the fight for a sustainable future is a year-round effort. At SITEX, we are…

SITEX Corp. Since 1961: The Image Makers

SITEX Celebrates 55 Years!

By Sitex Corp   /    Tuesday, January 26, 2016  /   , , , ,
The name SITEX, short for “Sights Textiles,” indicates excellence in everything that we do, and this year we are celebrating 55 years in the business! This great milestone is a tribute to our founders, the Sights family, and all our valued team members who make the SITEX difference every day! Founded in 1961 by the…

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Do Laundry Better: Dryer Settings

By Sitex Corp   /    Monday, April 13, 2015  /   , , , ,
The newer washing machines and dryers all basically do the same thing, get your clothes clean, but the way to achieve that can be confusing. Whether you’re a student faced with doing laundry alone for the first time (gulp!) or an old pro with a tricked-out new machine, we’re here to see you through. While…

High Visibility uniforms

Enhanced visibility clothing in the workplace

By Sitex Corp   /    Monday, December 15, 2014  /   , , ,
Reflective clothing is important, especially during the fall and winter, where the sun often sets before the official workday is over. Many people also work at night, or in areas that are near moving vehicles and equipment. For those working in dangerous environments, being visible is so important that the Occupational Health and Safety Administration…