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Benefits of a First Aid Service Through SITEX

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If you own or run a business with employees, you need available first aid materials. A first aid service benefits your business by keeping quality items available within regulatory compliance while saving you time and money.

Here’s how: 

A First Aid Service Ensures Item Availability

The most challenging part of having a first aid cabinet is keeping it stocked. Unless it’s someone’s explicit duty, it’ll never get done. And when that person forgets to keep tabs on the cabinet, it doesn’t get done. Even if they’re diligent, unless they’re trained and know what to look for, they might not get the right items or amounts.

When an employee or visitor is injured on the premises and the materials to tend to them aren’t available, that’s legally problematic. A first aid service like the one provided by SITEX will ensure that every item is fully stocked before you need them. 

OSHA and ANSI Compliance 

The requirements for a business’s first aid compliance are set out in OSHA’s guidelines. The degree of stocked materials depends on many factors. Size of workforce, proximity to a medical facility, and job requirements are just some of them

Expecting an employee to learn and accurately apply every rule and stipulation to your kit is expecting a lot. It’s an expectation that’s likely to not be met, unless they have training and years of practice. With how many considerations and factors are needed to go into first-aid kit creation, consider hiring a professional.

Quality Materials, Always

Like everything else, there are cheap and quality versions of first aid kit materials. If your current first aid stocking procedure is to load up at the store, the quality of materials is questionable. Any number of things can happen to diminish the quality of materials available to you: 

  • Your store could discontinue stocking an item.
  • The item’s manufacturer could change materials or lessen their amount.
  • You could be tempted by the lesser-quality, less-expensive materials.
  • The store might not have what you need.

When you get first aid materials through SITEX, their quality will be unquestionable. We know exactly what’s required from the materials in your first aid kit, and we meet those requirements. 

Saved Time and Money

The most valuable aspect of a first aid service through SITEX is the cost and time savings. When you go through SITEX, you’re getting your materials through a professional provider. That means assured quality in the quantity you need. No more time spent going from store to store and no more over or under purchases. Just the items you need, when you need them. 

Contact SITEX Today for Quality, Timely, and Confident First Aid Services 

If your current method of first aid supply compliance keeps you up at night, take the steps towards confident supply. SITEX is an industry-leading force in first aid kit supply. We know the importance of quality and timely delivery, and we have the professionally-trained experts needed to spot your needs when they develop. We also have the customer-service mentality that works to serve you. 

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To get out of your first-aid service rut, call the professionals. Call SITEX at (270) 631-2231, visit our website, our first-aid service portal, or contact us here.

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