towel service

Towel Service Keeps Businesses Clean

By SITEX Corp   /    Friday, May 6, 2022  /  
For businesses that use a large volume of towels on a regular basis, towel service is a powerful answer to many daily challenges they face. Whether an automotive shop, salon, manufacturing facility, or gym, running out of clean towels at any time can be a major problem. Ensure it never happens through a professional, experienced,…

high visibility uniforms workplace injuries

How High-Visibility Uniforms Prevent Workplace Injuries 

By SITEX Corp   /    Monday, March 28, 2022  /  
High-visibility uniforms are one of the most crucial garments you should equip your employees with. To understand how high-visibility uniforms prevent workplace injuries, it is important to understand what they are and how they work.

maintained flame resistant uniforms

The Importance of Professionally Maintained Flame-Resistant Uniforms 

By SITEX Corp   /    Thursday, March 3, 2022  /  
Are your flame-resistant uniforms getting the care that they deserve? The quality of maintenance protective garments receive can increase or decrease their useful lifespan. Here’s why professional flame-resistant uniform management is essential:  Flame-Resistant Uniforms 101 Before we get into maintenance, here’s a quick primer on the importance and variety of flame-resistant uniforms: Choosing the Right…

uniform companies can't match SITEX

Other Uniform Companies Can’t Match SITEX

By SITEX Corp   /    Tuesday, January 25, 2022  /  
Whether ensuring the quality of uniforms or making sure they’re available when needed, SITEX provides complete solutions for business’ uniform needs at a level other providers can’t match.

SITEX: A Family Company

By SITEX Corp   /    Monday, January 24, 2022  /  
“Families come with a legacy of trust and support that continues into future generations.” Family is everything, and family businesses are stronger for that fact. SITEX prides itself on being a family-owned business and is as strong as the bonds that keep us together. We can support your business with uniform, linen, restroom, and first…

2021 Year in Review at SITEX

By SITEX Corp   /    Wednesday, December 29, 2021  /  
2021 was an adventure filled with every kind of twist and turn imaginable. We weathered it together with our customers, employees, and community, and finished the year stronger than when we started. It’s together that we’ll see through 2022 as well. See our 2021 year in review below!