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Celebrate Moms At Your Restaurant

By Sitex Corp   /    Friday, May 5, 2017   /   , ,

The different ways SITEX can help!

Mother’s Day is coming up. You can expect increased traffic in your restaurant with families celebrating this holiday together. Are you ready for moms and their kids to bond over delicious meals featured at your restaurant? SITEX has developed a list of different ways that your restaurant can help celebrate customers and their excited mothers on Mother’s Day!

• Offer a special for moms. You can either offer discounted entrees, drinks, or free dessert. Get creative! The moms visiting your restaurant will be ecstatic! This will create hubbub and hopefully a continuous influx of customers to your restaurant.
• Plan for the high traffic and prepare your business. Make sure to schedule enough employees ahead of time or hire extra staff. You want to make sure your servers are able to serve all patrons without compromising the quality of service.
• Remind your hosts and servers that it is Mother’s Day and for them to greet and welcome mothers with extra care.
• Decorate your restaurant in accordance to a Mother’s Day theme. Some examples can include flowers or roses on each table, streamers, and fun music to get the moms grooving.
• New moms need some help and assistance too! Offer either a designated “kids’ zone”, or cater to needs such as offering high chairs at tables and kids menus.

Celebrate Mother’s Day With SITEX!

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