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If you’re looking for reliable, efficient, and excellent commercial linen and uniform service in Henderson, KY, look no further than SITEX.

SITEX’s tested and proven quality in products and service is everything you’d want and need from your linen and uniform service partner.

Professional Linen and Uniform Service in Henderson, KY

Our services and products cover a wide range of businesses across different industries. We offer:

Uniform Service in Henderson

Only the best uniforms suit the needs of your best employees – and we have them all here at SITEX. Our wide selection includes industrial apparel, protective uniforms, and medical uniforms.

Kitchen Apparel

We have a complete selection of top-of-the-line uniforms for your kitchen staff. Handpicked for quality, durability, and wearer comfort – our kitchen apparel will satisfy every staff member.

Commercial Linen Service in Henderson

You don’t have to sacrifice convenience and cost for quality with SITEX! Our commercial linen service gives you the best products for the best value, delivered efficiently and conveniently.

Restroom and Mat Service

We have all the tools you need to achieve your space’s cleanest and freshest condition. Our selections include floor care implements, commercial floor mats, and restroom essentials.

First Aid Service

Stay up-to-date on your safety compliance requirements and keep your space safe with first aid service from SITEX! Fully-stocked and fully-maintained, SITEX’s first aid kits ensure you’re ready for any emergency.

Your Henderson, KY Commercial Linen and Uniform Service Partner

Your linen and uniform service needs are an integral part of your operations. And we treat it like so. SITEX takes on more than just a vendor function; we are all about partnerships. We are committed to being with you as you navigate through your business’s growth and obstacles, making sure that your linens and uniforms are cared for and never in the way of your success.

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