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Don’t settle for linen services that are just okay. For your Hopkinsville, Kentucky linen and uniform service needs, there is only name that stands out in quality and dependability: SITEX!

SITEX offers complete and wide-ranging linen and apparel solutions for businesses of all types and sizes.


Uniform Services

SITEX is your local specialist and go-to shop for Hopkinsville, Kentucky industrial work shirts, industrial work pants, outerwear, automotive wear, high-visibility, enhanced visibility, flame-resistant garments, and lab coats. SITEX also provides storage solutions with lockers that are designed for businesses of all sizes. 


Kitchen Apparel

Give your kitchen professionals the quality apparel that they deserve! SITEX is your no. 1 Hopkinsville uniform service provider for specialty uniforms for the commercial kitchen. We have everything from back-of-the-house uniforms for chefs and cooks to a selection of front-of-the-house uniforms that will match your business’ aesthetics, made even more special by our custom embroidery service that will enhance your branding efforts.


Linen Services

Contact SITEX for high-quality, hassle-free Hopkinsville, Kentucky linen services! We have an exceptional selection of specialty linens for restaurants, guaranteed clean and safe for use in food service. We also have different types of towels to choose from.


Restroom and Mat Services

SITEX’s restroom and mat services is commercial upkeep made easy! We are Hopkinsville, Kentucky’s leading supplier of all your facility maintenance services, from floor care items like floor mats and mops to a complete selection of restroom products including soap, paper products, and disposable gloves.


First Aid

The best and most efficient way to get the first aid supplies you need for your business is through a first aid program with SITEX. When you take advantage of our programs, you won’t have to worry about when you need to reorder and whether you have all the supplies to stay compliant with OSHA and ANSI standards. Our unique cabinet designs keep your supplies organized, and we customize our program to your business.


SITEX: We Make Things Easy for You

Since 1961, SITEX has created a name that is synonymous with reliability and quality. Choosing SITEX is making the choice between peace of mind and hassle, between efficiency and unnecessary expenses. At the bottom line of our operations is this: we make things easy.

We bring you ease and convenience in the way you do business, making sure your uniforms and linens, as well as cleaning and restroom implements, are taken care of in the best way possible. 

We make sure everything works seamlessly – from pickup to delivery of your items, from invoicing to billing, from tracking your items to making sure nothing is amiss. With the expertise of our reliable team of professionals and the technology that we have put in place to guarantee accuracy and efficiency, we have intended for every part of our operations and services to make things easy for you so you can focus on growing your business.


The Best in Hopkinsville, Kentucky Linen and Uniform Services

Get in touch with us today at 270-631-2231 today and experience our reliable Hopkinsville, Kentucky linen and uniform services!