uniform services in lexington

Are your uniform services reliable? Businesses need uniform service partners that they can depend on to deliver ready-to-wear apparel that looks great and comes in the right quantities. You need uniform services in Lexington, Kentucky from SITEX. 

We offer a wide variety of apparel solutions for a wide variety of businesses. 


Our uniform services in Lexington include industrial work shirts, industrial work pants, outerwear, automotive workwear, high-visibility apparel, enhanced visibility apparel, flame-resistant garments and lab coats. We help you through every step of the process, from selection to laundering to replacement, so that you always have the high-quality apparel that you need. Plus, we provide locker storage solutions to keep everything organized. 


Restaurant apparel needs to look great but also be able to withstand the rigorous conditions of the food service business. SITEX meets these needs with high-quality restaurant uniform services in Lexington. From back-of-the-house chef and cook uniforms to front-of-the-house apparel, we can provide you with stylish and durable options. 

SITEX also offers specialty linen services for restaurants, including table linens and a variety of towels.

Restroom and Mat Services

For any business, keeping your commercial restrooms clean and your floors free of dirt and moisture should be a priority, and SITEX can help. We deliver floor care items like mats and mops and a complete selection of restroom products, including soap and paper products. With SITEX, you’ll never be without the essential supplies you need to create a pleasant restroom experience for your customers. Plus, with our mats, you can reduce dirt in your facility and also prevent slip-and-fall accidents. 

First Aid

Are you taking the safety of your employees and customers seriously? Then you need first aid supplies on hand in case of an emergency. With SITEX first aid programs, you won’t have to worry about whether you have the right items to deal with an unexpected workplace injury. Our cabinets are compliant with OSHA and ANSI standards, keeping your supplies organized. We can customize a first aid program for your business!

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