SITEX is Proud to be Affiliated with Apparel Services Network

SITEX has proudly joined the Apparel Services Network (ASN). ASN is a group of independent laundry businesses that specialize in industrial linens and uniforms. ASN provides national coverage for all of your linen and uniform service needs. ASN has been meeting customer needs since 2004. ASN has partnerships with some of the largest manufacturers in order to provide customers with apparel for their business.

Apparel Services Network is committed to a Managed Uniform Program, which features the following:

  • National Account Coverage with Localized Attention and Nationalized Reporting Systems
  • Centralized Billing Capabilities
  • Personalized Communication with Customers
  • Advanced Inventory Control
  • Just-In-Time Repair System
  • State-Of-The-Art Laundry Processing Facilities
  • National Cleanroom Laundry Programs
  • Service Guarantee
  • Transition Management Team
  • National Account Management Team
  • ASN Affiliate Member Companies to Enhance Coverage Area

Visit the Apparel Services Network website here for more information regarding Apparel Services Network. SITEX is proud to provide our high quality service to the network. We value our quality and customer service with the service that we provide. Please visit our site here for more information regarding our service. Give us a call at 270-631-2231 for any questions that you may have regarding our service or affiliation with the Apparel Services Network.