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How to Assure High-Quality First Aid Materials

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Having a quality first aid kit in any business is not only essential for customer and employee safety, but it’s also legally necessary. Without access to quality first aid materials, your business could fall short of OSHA’s requirements and incur penalties for it. 

Unfortunately, going out and purchasing an expensive first aid kit doesn’t guarantee consistent compliance with OSHA’s rules. Unless you have a trained professional monitoring and keeping your first aid supply stocked, the risk of non-compliance will always be there. 

First aid services through SITEX are a sure way to comply with OSHA regulations and ensure quality materials. Here’s how our first aid services assure consistent, high-quality materials:

Deep Understanding of Rules and Regulations

Whoever is in charge of your business’s first aid kit should know the rules around it. OSHA and ANSI require a certain number of items present based on the amount of employees on the property at any given time. If the work site is some distance from a medical facility, then the requirements are higher still. There’s a considerable list of factors to take into consideration, and those factors differ from location to location. Unless the person in charge of those requirements is up to date on them at all times, then a problem is never far away. 

SITEX takes the guesswork out of your first aid kit inventory. We know what your business will require to stay in good standing with regulatory authorities, and we’ll supply those items. That’s one less considerable thing for you to worry about.

Superior First Aid Materials, Always Stocked 

If your business is going to supply first aid materials, they should be high quality. Having high-quality first aid materials not only ensures optimal performance of those supplies, but signifies the importance of your employees and customers. Without your employees feeling healthy and safe, a business simply can’t be successful. Providing them with the best of the best in emergency medical supplies helps show them how valuable they are to you. 

As an owner or manager, you’re always concerned about injuries on the premises, and nothing will take that concern away. What you can do, though, is make sure that the supplies needed to contend with any problem are always available. First aid services through SITEX ensure that’s always the case. With high-quality first aid always in reach, you’re protecting what matters most. 

Outstanding Customer Service and Responsible Route Reps. 

Knowledgeability of OSHA requirements is only part of the benefit of first aid services through SITEX. Our professionally-trained route service representatives know what your kit needs and what’s on the line if items are missing. Your compliance is their responsibility, and they are ready to rise to the challenge. They are always readily stocked and prepared. 

And, if you have a question about your supply or want to add materials, our customer service representatives are always available. We pride ourselves on being there to fulfill your needs, be it for first-aid service, or any of our other fantastic services

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