The tougher the working environment, the more you need SITEX to keep your service area clean and promote an image of quality and care. SITEX offers an extensive line of mats, mops, towels, restroom and hygiene services, and industrial and food service gloves.

Restrooms & Hygiene

You have to worry about running a business, so let SITEX help with keeping your employees and guests clean, safe, and germ free. We have the latest in green seal certified paper towels and tissue, hand sanitizers, foam soaps, and industrial soaps so your guests will always have a good experience. SITEX is also committed to making our services as sustainable as possible. We offer a variety of Authentically Green products that embrace the Green Seal standards, the most comprehensive and stringent eco-standards in the janitorial products industry. All our Green Seal products are made with 100% recycled fiber, but are manufactured and processed in a way that uses less water, energy, produces less air pollutants and diverts the most waste from our landfills.  Stay clean, germ-free, and help our environment.


Disposable Gloves

SITEX carries gloves for any industry, and made from a variety of materials. Nitrile is a synthetic rubber, and nitrile gloves are better at resisting punctures than traditional latex. These gloves are medical grade and must be approved by the FDA before they’re marketed to hospitals or medical institutions. Vinyl is most commonly used in the food industry where gloves are worn for shorter periods of time. Latex gloves are the most common choice for medical or light industrial gloves. Latex gloves are cheaper than Nitrile, and are also biodegradable. Let SITEX help you choose which is best for you, or you can check out a more in-depth glove guide


Proper matting is essential in maintaining workplace safety and cleanliness. Anti-slip and anti-fatigue mats help keep your employees safe, while entrance mats are a great way to keep dust and dirt from entering your building, and a great space to customize with your company’s logo and welcome guests with the message of your choice.


SITEX carries dust and wet mops in a variety of sizes, so you’ll have the right equipment for any job.