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Professional Outerwear for Industrial Work

By SITEX Corp   /    Thursday, August 25, 2022   /  

Industrial workers operate in a variety of environments and oftentimes find themselves outdoors. Depending on where they work, they could be dealing with extreme heat or cold, rainy and snowy days, and more. These workers have specialized uniforms for indoor work but they also need professional outerwear for industrial work outdoors. Industrial businesses operating in Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, and Illinois have come to the right place!

SITEX Provides the Professional Outerwear for Industrial Work You’re Looking For!

SITEX’s industrial uniform service has your staff covered! Our professional outerwear for industrial work will keep employees safe and comfortable, increasing their performance and job satisfaction.


Professional outerwear for industrial work needs to be just as durable and long-lasting as indoor apparel. That’s why SITEX provides outerwear that ensures optimal protection on the job! Our products have long useful lifespans that we also extend with our own laundry and maintenance. Your staff can rest assured that they are safe and able to perform their duties worry-free!


SITEX’s outerwear uses perma-lining that maintains warmth in even the coldest environments. They also allow for high wickability and breathability so their wearers can remain comfortable no matter how sweaty they get. They are designed for extensive outdoor use and will help workers not just withstand the elements, but thrive in them.


SITEX offers professional outerwear for industrial work through our uniform rental program. Included in this agreement is laundry and maintenance on us! Our advanced laundry machinery will remove any stain and keep every uniform looking fresh for even longer useful lifespans! Our team of experts will repair the uniforms that need it and we will fully replace uniforms that are too far gone. By the time you receive your outerwear back from us, you won’t be able to tell the difference between new and used products!

Available When You Need It

We use a sophisticated tracking system, SITRAX that allows us to keep a close eye on our clients’ inventory. We use it to sort items based on their laundry and maintenance needs but also to prevent missing or damaged items. Upon every delivery, one of our route service representatives personally keeps track of our clients’ inventory to ensure they always have what they need in stock.

SITEX: A Family Company

SITEX is based in Henderson, KY and has operated locally, as well as in many surrounding states, for over 60 years! We are a family-owned and operated business that understands and cares for the communities we serve. We have an open-door policy meaning our decision-makers are a simple phone call away! As a smaller, local business, we minimize red tape and allow for more open, honest communication with our clients. Rest assured that working with us will bring your business and staff peace of mind with thorough maintenance, high-quality products, and 24/7 support!

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SITEX provides professional outerwear for industrial work in Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, and Illinois! See for yourself what over 60 years of family-owned experience brings to the table and call us today at 1-270-827-3537. Additionally, you may also visit our website for more information on our other products and services or a free quote.