Relationships Can Be Strengthened By Uniforms

By Sitex Corp   /    Monday, October 4, 2010   /   , , ,

Many spouses or significant others love to hear the following phrase, “I don’t have any laundry that needs to be done.” 

This is a goal of a uniform rental company…to provide crisp, image-making uniforms to our customers.

We relieve the everyday stress of laundry, and we make sure your work uniforms are ready for the hard day ahead. Did you know that a family of four spends an average of 12 hours a week doing laundry? 

That’s a lot of time especially if you work at least 8 hours a day plus all your children’s activities.  Your work uniforms should be the last thing on your mind! 

This doesn’t even take in to account the money saved by not using your washer and dryer, detergent, and water.

If this hasn’t convinced you already, here are some more reasons why you should use a uniform rental company:

  • We provide proper uniform care to extend the life of your garments.
  • We do regular fit sessions (for those of you that need bigger uniforms for the holidays…OR the ones that actually stick to your New Years resolution!)
  • We use specific wash formulas for all the different types of jobs out there..whether its automotive or executive management.

So if I have piqued your interest even a little bit..check us out at!