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Stock Up on Restroom Supplies with SITEX!

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At SITEX, clean doesn’t just mean laundry. We also provide extensive restroom supplies and hygiene services. We know that safety goes beyond PPE, which is why we keep your personal health, your customer health, and your employee health at the top of the priority list.

From paper products to mops, we have everything you need to keep your restroom spotless. Check out some of our restroom supplies and hygiene services!


Cleanup in stall 4!

We offer both wet mops and dust mops to help you get the job done. Our wet mops are made with antimicrobial fibers that resist germs, preventing odor and mildew. They’re seven times more absorbent than cotton or blended yarns! Our dust mops feature a strong synthetic backing with Infinity Twist yarn to enhance absorption. Plus, the looped ends prevent catching on furniture or other obstacles.

Urinal Mats

What’s that on the floor?

Are stains appearing routinely on your restroom floors? Our urinal mats will improve your bathroom appearance by protecting the floor and grout from urine staining. They’re made of recycled fabric and include an easy-to-read 30-day timestrip to indicate when the map needs to be replaced.

Soap and Hand Sanitizer

Bubble up.

We offer industrial-strength soap for the touch stuff and standard soap and sanitizer for everyday employee or customer use. 99.9% of bacteria is killed by our hand sanitizer within 30 seconds of use! We also provide dispensers.

Paper Products

Wash, rinse, dry, REPEAT.

Our dispensers prevent contamination of your paper towels and toilet tissues. They also help reduce waste! Plus, all of our paper products are made with 100% recycled fibers and are produced using reduced water, energy and air pollutants.

Get your restroom supplies from SITEX!

At SITEX, we work with you to develop a customized restroom supplies  program that fits your needs and budget. Once your program is created, we do the rest, servicing your restroom supplies so you have more time to focus on your business.

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