SITEX’s Santa Identification Test

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Have you ever gone up to a random person on the street during the holidays, mistakenly assuming that they were Santa? Of course you have!

Not only is this situation extremely embarrassing for you, but the person you just accosted doesn’t want to hear about what you want for the holidays and can’t help you at all.

We want to help make sure this never, ever happens to you again, which is why we’ve put together this Santa Identification Guide so you can find Santa and give him your wish list. It’s pretty easy: it all comes down to the uniform. As we say at SITEX, a uniform tells who you are.

Is he wearing a red coat with white fur trim?

If so, go ahead and approach. This is Santa.

Is he wearing something other than a red coat with white fur trim?

Probably not Santa. Move along.

Is he wearing a red hat with white fur trim?

Congratulations! You’ve found Santa!

Is he wearing a sports cap?

If you like the team, say hi. If not, ignore him. In any case, this is not Santa.

Is he wearing matching black/brown boots or a black/brown belt?

You may have found Santa! But to be safe, verify that he is also wearing the correct coat and hat before approaching. He may just be a regular man with style who knows how to match.

Let’s try some visual tests. Please identify the two Santas using the above guidelines.

Is this Santa? If you think it is, click YES.

Is this Santa? If you think it is, click YES.

Is this Santa? If you think it is, click YES.

Is this Santa? If you think it is, click YES.

What makes Santa, well, Santa? It’s the uniform!

If you want your customers to be able to identify your brand and your employees just as easily as they can identify Santa, then give SITEX a call! We offer a variety of branded workwear options for your business, from hi-vis apparel to polo shirts to outerwear!

Don’t wait for Santa to bring you a gift. Instead, gift your business with a high-quality uniform rental program from SITEX. Fill out our simple online contact form or call us today at 270-631-2231 for more information!

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