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SITEX’s Premium EPIK Restroom Products

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2019 was a year of milestones for our company – including a massive revamp of our restroom product selection. We have briefly introduced our EPIK line of restroom products, but now it’s time for a proper introduction.

Our commitment to providing the best services to our clients means maintaining the highest standards in product quality. For us, that meant making the switch to EPIK’s selection of restroom products.

Our New Line of Restroom Products from EPIK

EPIK’s line of restroom products are as innovative as they are stylish – on top of being durable. They’re available in a variety of colors with modern designs to perfectly suit any restroom’s look. With quality so reliable and looks that will make your restrooms stand out, we are confident that these items are the next great additions to your restrooms!

Automatic Soap Dispenser

This low-energy-use dispenser is everything you would want in your restroom’s hygiene arsenal. Its hands-free soap dispenser features an easy bottle loading mechanism and is ADA compliant. For unflinching service even during the busiest parts of the day, this soap dispenser is one to look into. 

Electric Hands-Free HRT Dispenser (Hygiene Roll Towel)

If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution to your toilet paper needs, this EPIK product is a solid option. Not only is this hands-free hygiene roll towel dispenser cheaper than most national-brand competitors, but it’s also one of the most efficient. 

Its adjustable dispensing settings allow you to control the length of sheet that it dispenses per use. This ensures limited waste and a sure stock. Because this item is completely hands free, it keeps visitors safe from germs and bacteria. For value and cost-savings, this EPIK product can’t be beat!

Mini Passive Odor Control Dispenser

Take control of restroom odor with this stylish, functional, and durable passive odor control dispenser from EPIK. These sleek deodorizers feature top-hinged doors, metal closures, and a reinforced base to keep the casing and the refill secure. It also has a lock option to protect it from theft. Each refill lasts 60 days to give you optimum odor control capabilities!

Jumbo Twin Bath Tissue Dispenser

EPIK products are designed with hygiene and cost control in mind. Case in point: the jumbo twin bath tissue dispenser. It can hold two 9” rolls, but is designed to restrict access to the second roll until the first roll is finished. This helps prevent unnecessary wastage and ultimately saves on toilet paper costs. The dispenser also protects your clean toilet paper rolls from airborne bacteria and exposure to bowl splash, keeping the roll clean.  

Manual Soap Dispenser

This easy-to-load and -refill manual soap dispenser is ideal for low volume commercial restroom use. Its compact design comes in different shades to suit different restroom looks. This line of manual soap dispensers is also ADA Compliant. What more could you ask for?

Pull and Cut HRT Dispenser

Looking for an easy-to-use, hygienic, and cost-efficient HRT dispenser? We have the right product for you! The EPIK pull and cut HRT dispenser has a classic look but operates in a manner that redefines efficiency. Its touchless mechanism keeps hands and materials clean. Quick and easy pulling makes it easy and safe, not to mention economical to use. It also keeps costs down with its battery-free operation. It is easy to install and maintain, making it the perfect HRT dispenser for restrooms big and small.

Make the Switch with SITEX!

Give your restrooms the best makeover with these EPIK restroom dispensers and products! Call SITEX today at (270) 631-2231 for more information on the EPIK line of restroom products or order a set for your business. Contact us here for more information!

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