SITEX Spotlight on Service: Randy Caldemeyer

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SITEX Corporation was founded on providing quality products and service of the highest standards, by anticipating and understanding the expectations of our customers, and exploring all options to best fulfill their expressed and unexpressed needs. Since 1961, our team members have focused on providing each customer with the best service for the best price, time and…


The SITEX Difference

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Family has always been the driving force behind our business. When James and Gladys Sights founded our company over 54 years ago, they probably had no idea that SITEX would grow to be the institution it is today. After all, we started like many small businesses, with a few well-used laundry machines, a single delivery…

SITEX hand sanitizer and soap

SITEX FoamFresh hand sanitizer

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Imagine this scenario – Its cold and flu season and you hear the first cough from an employee.  That is followed by an ever growing sniffle sound.  You are worried about your employees becoming sick. How do you reduce the chance of illness in the work place?  Our FoamFresh Hand Sanitizer can help keep your…

facility management training

Facility management company principles – Can your company improve?

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What happens when you have the desire to develop a closer knit culture, improve teamwork, communication and interaction between all departments?  Trainer Debbie Maier, that’s what!  Starting this year, all Team Members at SITEX worked with Maier to identify opportunities that would improve communication and the overall customer service experience for both internal and external…

Cleaning best practice

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Once you have chosen your employee uniforms, how do you properly care for them and keep their cleaning efficient and organized? SITEX has implemented a new sorting and tracking system, SITRAX to just this. What is SITRAX: An automated sorting and tracking system using bar code and radio frequency technology. Bar code labels and radio…