Winter Business Preparation

Winter Business Preparation with SITEX

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Winter is still a couple of months away, but we sure can feel the chill in the air this early! As the cold season creeps in, there is no better time than the here and the now to start your winter business preparation. 

We are not just talking about decorating for the winter. We are talking about how you can better prepare your facility and your employees for the coming season.

SITEX has high-quality and reliable services that will help protect your facility from the many things that the winter season can throw your way:

Winter Business Preparation Protects Your Facility

Winter is particularly brutal for your janitorial objectives. There’s mud and slush that dirty your floors. There is ice and salt that can tarnish and possibly ruin your flooring. SITEX has the right services and products for that:  

  • Floor Mats. SITEX offers a wide selection of floor mats to give your facility the full winter coverage that it needs. From high-traction entrance mats with excellent abrasive qualities that keep slush, moisture, and salts off your floors, to special anti-slip mats that help prevent accidents on the frostiest of days, SITEX has them all.
  • Floor Mops. Cleaning your floors through the winter can require a little more grit than usual. The right floor mops, however, can make the job easier and more effective. SITEX’s floor mop service comes with a selection of mops including dry mops, wet mops, and microfiber mops to give your cleaning a better advantage. The service also comes with floor mop treatment so you don’t have to worry about cleaning your facility and your cleaning tools. With SITEX’s mop service, you can fully focus on getting the cleanest results for your facility!
  • Disposable Hand Gloves. SITEX is not only your reliable partner for getting cleaner floors. We also offer hand gloves supply service for your deeper and more challenging cleaning needs. SITEX hand gloves are high quality, the deliveries are on-time, and the process is all easy and efficient.

Protection for Your Employees

Aside from protecting your facilities, SITEX also protects your employees from the challenges that winter brings. We have a selection of outerwear that’s sure to keep your workers warm throughout their shift. For the more industrial situations, our enhanced visibility uniforms will keep your employees safe even when the days are shorter, and the skies are gloomier.

Naturally, our uniform rental services come with high-quality maintenance for cleaner, better uniforms. We aim to eliminate the hassle and give you all the benefits. All of our uniforms also come equipped with tracking technology to protect you against costly garment losses.

Get Ahead of The Season with SITEX Winter Business Preparation!

Give your business an advantage by getting on your winter preparations early! Give your business the SITEX advantage. Contact us at (800) 278-3537 to get started on your SITEX service, speak with a consultant, or make inquiries about pricing. You can also send us a price quote request by filling out this form.