Winter Floor Protection

Winter Floor Protection with SITEX’s Mat Service

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Winter floor protection with SITEX mat service is your business’s best line of defense against winter. Our complete and convenient floor mat service has everything you need to prepare your floors for the winter season.

Here’s what our mat service can do for you:

Winter Floor Protection Against Seasonal Damage 

Wintertime is perhaps the most brutal season for floors. This is especially true for business floors where the foot traffic is heavy. The season is rife with all sorts of threats to your floors.

Wet boots drag moisture and abrasive elements indoors. This deteriorates your floors’ adhesives and leaves the flooring loose or unsecured. There are snow salts that cause microscopic damage to your floors. Left unprotected, they can cause microscopic holes to your floor’s surface. These make the floor porous and susceptible to the elements and bring on premature wear and tear. And then there’s all sorts of dirt and mud that shoes track in that can leave permanent staining on your floors if left unattended.

SITEX floor mats capture debris before it’s tracked indoors. With the right placement, you can remove nearly all the stuff trapped at the bottoms of shoes.

Protect Employees and Customers from Slip and Fall Accidents

The winter season is particularly notorious for slip and fall accidents. Although these slips and falls happen more commonly in outdoor walkways and parking lots, they can happen indoors too. Water tracked in with shoes can result in slip and fall accidents.

SITEX helps you with floor mats that not only scrape off moisture and mud off the bottoms of shoes. Our floor mats come equipped with high traction backing to minimize the risks of slip and fall accidents.

Contain Janitorial and Floor Care Costs with Winter Floor Protection

Aside from risks of accidents and floor damage, there is one other department in your business that is at risk during the winter season: your janitorial budget. With dirtier, wetter shoes coming in and out of your facility, you will definitely need to upgrade your janitorial efforts to keep up.

This means more frequent cleaning. This means stronger and more frequent use of disinfectants. Not only that, but this might even mean additional floor mats and other cleaning supplies! All these little add-ons and upgrades add-up.

SITEX floor mats protect you from that. The powerful scraping capacities of our scraper mats stop slush, mud and dirt before they can ruin your floors.

More than Better Mats, SITEX Brings Better Mat Service

Of course, your floor mats can only do so much. The pressure of heavy foot traffic and the winter elements can take its toll on the mats. They will need servicing every so often.

And that’s where SITEX shines!

SITEX’s on time and efficient mat service ensures that your floor mats are cleaned to perfection without leaving your space bare and vulnerable in the process. Our services will fulfill your needs at your convenience with your satisfaction in mind. 

Give us a call today at (270) 631-2231 to get a consultation, inquire about pricing, or get started on your winter-ready floor mat service from SITEX!