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How SITRAX Reduces Work Uniform Losses

By SITEX Corp   /    Monday, July 1, 2019   /  

Linen and uniform losses are expensive. And yet, despite this, textile loss still remains one of the most common and biggest problems in the laundry industry. Is your linen and uniform service provider doing enough to protect your business against this problem? SITEX is!

SITEX uses our specialized technology called SITRAX to help keep track of the garments, linens and floor mats that we process in our facilities.

How SITRAX Works

SITRAX Tracking Technology is a state-of-the-art tool in linen management that uses barcode and radio frequency technology to help automate the sorting process. Each item that enters the SITEX facility is equipped with barcode labels and radio frequency identification (RFID) chips that our automated system reads, making sure that each process and repair that the item goes through is accounted for!

How SITRAX Helps You Reduce Work Uniform Losses

SITRAX takes the guesswork out of your uniforms – here’s how:

  • SITRAX can tell you where your items are. SITRAX makes sure that as soon as your garments enter our facility, the SITRAX system is already tracking everything. From washing to post-washing procedures, SITRAX can tell us exactly where within our facility your items are. This eliminates any possibility of your items getting lost within our processing plants.
  • SITRAX shows every repair and replacement done on your items. SITRAX not only takes account of your items’ locations; it also makes sure that its complete history is accounted for – from the smallest repairs to replacements to each item’s lifespan. This technology efficiently prevents premature disposals, costs from unnecessary repairs or replacements, and allows you to maximize the use of your linens, garments and mats.  
  • SITRAX automates linen and uniform inventory. SITRAX, with its automated scanning and identification, is your best tool for faster, more efficient, and more precise inventory processing. SITRAX keeps everything accounted for in a way that is not vulnerable to mistakes and/or tampering.

SITEX Mobile App

We also offer a smart garment service app that ties into our SITRAX system. It’s a simple and convenient way to ensure that your uniforms get repaired as quickly as possible. Choose from six repair options including button repair, patch hole, pocket repair, sew repair, zipper repair or emblem repair, create a service request, and your garment will be mended promptly!

Protect Your Facility Against Work Uniform Loss!  

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