The SITEX Difference


Choosing a uniform and linen provider can be a cumbersome task for those appointed to select, upkeep, track, and maintain the program within a company. It can consume a lot of valuable time from employees who are selected to oversee the linen and uniforms for the business. This is NOT the case when working with SITEX, work with us and you can focus on running your business.

Let a quality uniform and linen service keep your employees focused on their work!

Uniform and linen providers should be a partner for your business and not a daunting task always looming over your head. When choosing a uniform and linen provider, make sure they have the same outlook on what their services can do for you. It is always important to make sure that your goals are aligned with your provider’s goals.

At SITEX we are here to listen and fulfill your wants and needs as your premier uniform and linen provider. With state-of-the-art technology, the best team members in the industry, continually increasing the sustainability and green nature of our products and services, the small-town feel with resources to serve you, no matter the size of your business, SITEX is a clear choice.  A service and quality difference you will notice…experience the SITEX difference today!

SITEX is a family-owned-and-operated uniform, linen, and textile rental business. We provide uniform and linen services to thousands of customers in Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, and Illinois.  Choose SITEX as your uniform and linen provider and we stand by our promise of taking care of every customer, every time. Since 1961, our team members have focused on providing each individual customer with the best service for the best price, time and time again. Our values shine through each of our team members so you know you are getting the SITEX difference each and every delivery.


Come experience the SITEX difference today!

Contact one of our friendly representatives to receive more information on our services and what we can do for your business.



SITRAX is our automated sorting and tracking system using bar-code technology. Bar-code labels are placed in garments, mats, and other items and then tracked throughout the preparation, laundry, and sorting process.

Our SITRAX automated tracking and sorting system ensures that your uniforms, linens, and mats are accurately identified, sorted, and tracked throughout our facility, eliminating shortages and misplaced items.  All of this leads to better accountability, complete accuracy, better customer satisfaction, and lower costs for our valued customers.  SITRAX can accurately account for items by tracking:

  • Inventory
  • Location of items in our facility
  • How often the item is turned in for laundry service
  • The history and life of an item
  • The number of repairs and replacement of items
  • The SITEX Smart Garment Mobile App also makes tracking repairs, service needs, etc. simple and easy via your mobile device…a uniform service game-changer!

Family Owned

Family is the driving source of our business. Since we began in 1961, our family has prided itself on being involved in the day-to-day operations of SITEX and ensuring that our products and services are the best quality available in the industry.

For three generations, the Sights family has been directly involved in every decision-making process. From spot checking quality of the uniforms and products going out to our customers to visiting customers, they have been there every step of the way standing behind the people that work with and wear SITEX products every day. Here are some of the benefits you enjoy with our family-owned company:

  • No Wall Street stockholders to answer to means lower prices and higher integrity for our customers
  • Our owners are never further than down the hall, a phone call, or email away
  • Faster response and approval times
  • Integrity and pride in the products and services we provide
  • Local business is who we are and who we are proud to serve
  • We are involved in local communities where we do business
  • We believe in philanthropy, charity, and helping others



SITEX is committed to continually improving our processes to make sure that we reduce our carbon footprint, save natural resources, and work to continue to become a greener company. Reducing energy, water, and pollutants and using recyclable materials is making our world a better place.

Read About Our Solar Initiatives in American Laundry News! 


Using the best detergent choices, reducing water usage, utilizing energy efficient machinery, fleet routing optimization programs, streamlined billing, and providing sustainable and Clean Green Services are all things SITEX chooses to do to continue to work towards being greener.

Some of the many things SITEX is doing for your uniform and linen rental needs include:

  • Detergent and laundry chemical choices are truly environmentally-friendly (our chemical partner Washing Systems Inc. won an EPA Award in 2017, that’s pretty impressive!)
  • Refurbishing of lockers, racks, and bins used for uniform and linen storage
  • Charter involvement in our industry’s Laundry Environmental Stewardship Program (Laundry ESP)
  • Route optimization to reduce fuel consumption
  • Washing processes to ensure hygienically clean textiles while being responsible to our environment
  • Using Green Seal Certified Products such as paper towels and tissue
  • Significant reduction in water used per pound of textiles laundered
  • Reduced paper usage with electronic billing, bill paying, banking and payroll systems
  • Significant reduction in energy consumption
  • Continual monitoring of waste-water contents to ensure safe deposits back into our water streams
  • Recycling of hangers
  • Utilizing many products and materials that are recyclable, reusable, and eco-friendly


An invoice that is hard to read and difficult to understand is one of the top frustrations for anyone working with a uniform and linen supplier. We have listened to our customers and made our billing and invoicing simple and easy to read. Our added worth comes from less time you have to spend managing your uniform, linen, and mat program. Our ease of billing comes from:

  • Simple invoices with each item and pricing clearly listed and itemized
  • Clear item terms so you know what you are being charged for
  • Total Protection Programs for uniforms and Inventory Maintenance Programs for linen items means consistent billing and controlled cost for our customers
  • Customer Care Representatives and Route Service and Sales Specialists have complete access to resolve any questions that may arise

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