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I want to tell someone at SITEX how incredibly wonderful Harriet in Customer Care is. Today is “bill paying” day for me at Audubon Park. I have a stack of about 30 bills from vendors that I will pay. I hate this day. I hate calling one-by-one and enduring being transferred, reading account numbers, card numbers, reading back balances, requesting receipts, and on and on. But, then I get to the SITEX bill and SMILE! It’s Harriet time!

Paying our SITEX bill is ridiculously easy and Harriet makes it a pleasurable experience. I call, press 1, say “Hi” to Harriet and tell her to run my card for our balance. She says “I’ll get it done!” and tells me to have a wonderful week – That’s it. It’s literally a two-minute process and it leaves me smiling. Every time. So please tell Harriet she is WONDERFUL.

Doug Bawel, Jasper Engines & Transmissions (Jasper, IN)

SITEX has been our provider of uniform pants, shirts, aprons, and rags for 30+ years.  In addition, we have on many occasions used their linens and have always been happy with the quality and service provided.  The key factor that SITEX brings to JASPER is their level of excellent customer service.

SITEX’s commitment to provide quality products does not go unnoticed by JASPER’s 900+ associates or our visitors that see matching white shirts and uniform pants throughout our facility.  Whether being worn by an associate on the plant floor or in an office by executives, the product is always impressive.

We highly recommend SITEX for all your uniform and linen needs!

Spectators Sports Bar & Grill

I have had SITEX for over 4 years in different locations and as always the CSSR is what makes or breaks the company.  Every CSSR I have had has been great and always follows through with what they say, have fixed, answered, or been helpful with any issues or questions I have.  Great job Brian Bronger for keeping that going!

City of LaVergne

I have worked with both Cintas and Aramark in the past and have NEVER seen the positive customer service focus that I see with Mr. Todd Logsdon of SITEX. He is always on time, thorough, helpful, enthusiastic, extremely pleasant and engaging. My customer service experience with the competitors doesn’t even begin to approach that displayed by Mr. Logsdon. Great job!!!

Progress Port, Inc

Progress Port is a training center for adults who are mentally and physically handicapped.  We have been using the services of SITEX for several years now and are most happy.

Our happiness with the service comes in most part because of our current representative, Edwin.  I cannot say enough great things about Edwin and the positive image that he projects.  He is more than just a representative to these individuals that we serve, he is also their friend.  He interacts well with them, takes the time to acknowledge them and treats them like he would want to be treated.

Edwin also knows exactly where we keep our products and how much we need.  I don’t have to worry about catching him when he comes because I know he will make sure we have what we need and if for some reason he doesn’t, he will let me know and is very apologetic about it.  He has even offered to return to Paducah to make things right for us.

SITEX products are of high quality.  We have not had any problems with any of our products that we use.  I would recommend the services of SITEX.

Bullitt Co. Road Department

Mr. Brian Bronger – our route delivery person/customer service representative and salesman. Yes, Brian is all of these people and more.  He is very dedicated to his work and to our weekly needs and has been since the first time he entered our shop several years ago. We call him our specific needs guy as he always maintains a high level of urgency to satisfy this account. What an outstanding employee! SITEX sure scored a three-pointer when they hired this individual.

SITEX Corporation has served as the linen provider to Victoria National Golf Club for over 10 years. During that time, they have consistently delivered the highest-quality products, excellent customer service and personalized attention. From our sales representative to our district manager to the president of the company, they are all attentive to our needs and go above and beyond to satisfy any request.

As a private, nationally-ranked golf club, it is extremely important that our table linen is of the highest quality and condition. They have exceeded every expectation that we have demanded of them and have proven to us that they do not accept anything less than total customer satisfaction. In them, we have more than just a service provider: we have a partner who truly understands what exceptional customer service is all about. I wholeheartedly recommend them as a supplier.

James Haley, our service representative in Henderson, KY is an outstanding young man who is always willing to go the extra mile to please us here at Brenntag. The thing that stands out most about James is his big smile, kind words and positive attitude.  It’s hard to find that among people, especially on a Monday morning! I wanted everyone to know how much we appreciate James and his dedication to his job.  It makes my day better just having him come through Brenntag’s door each Monday morning!

We switched to SITEX almost a year ago, and the difference they have made is tremendous.  They blew away all of their competitors with their pricing, quality products and customer service.  Everyone that I have dealt with at SITEX has been fantastic and willing to go over and above to meet our needs.  Our driver, Brian, is friendly and efficient, and you can tell how much pride he takes in his work.  I look forward to a long partnership with SITEX!

It’s my pleasure to recommend SITEX Corporation to anyone who may be considering developing a business relationship with them.  For several years, SITEX has provided services to Shamrock Technologies.  We feel that SITEX has provided a quality product for a reasonable price.  Representatives have always been willing to work with us to fulfill our business needs.

SITEX has provided uniform and apparel needs for our locations for almost 10 years, and have done so in a very professional manner.  They provide quality products and deliver customer service that meets, and in most cases, exceeds our expectations.  The service they provide to us truly helps us maintain the company image we project in the marketplace.

Without reservation, I would recommend the services of SITEX to any company looking to enhance their image through uniform and apparel programs.  They continue to do so for us in a very “service focused” way.

SITEX has been a part of the Bee Spring family since 2007.  We have been very pleased with SITEX since the beginning. The service representatives are knowledgeable, polite and don’t hesitate to take time to answer questions whether it’s about invoices or new product. It’s nice to do business with a company that strives at customer service and succeeds. We appreciate SITEX and would recommend them to any company needing their services.

We are very pleased with SITEX for our uniforms and mat service.  Our CSSR goes above and beyond to make sure we are happy with our service.  He stays in tune to what we need from week to week and always addresses any concerns in a timely manner.  He always has a smile for us!

Enterprise Home Improvements, LLC has been using SITEX for many years now. We find them reasonably priced, professional and friendly. Delivery and pick-ups are always on time, and my CSSR always goes out of his way to answer any questions that we may have. We would definitely recommend SITEX!

Dusty Wilson

We have been using SITEX for our plant and uniform needs for many years and have always been completely satisfied. They do an excellent job, are always punctual, and offer the most competitive rates in town.

The City of Henderson has been using SITEX for at least the 25 years I have been with the city. They have always had the most reasonable prices and excellent service. Delivery and pickups are always on time.