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Expanding your branding with uniforms

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If you are going through a slow time where sales and the amount of new customers are decreasing, or you are losing loyal customers, it may be a good time to look into your brand awareness.You’ve spend a lot of time and resources creating your logo, tagline, and style guide, but are you using every avenue available to help get your brand out there?

Advertising represents a potent source of brand identity. At it’s core, advertising is an essential element in the marketing mix, used it increase sales, create or maintain awareness, increase word-of-mouth for the company, and educate consumers about your company’s products or services.

Are uniforms an effective advertising tool? Absolutely! Uniform programs create an attractive business image that make the whole team look more professional, and gives you a leg up on the competition by providing “free” advertising by displaying your branding whenever your uniforms are seen by the public.

One of the most important steps in the branding process is to turn your employees into brand ambassadors. They make up a huge part of your company culture, and often act as the face of your company’s customer service. From casual uniform guidelines (such as a red shirt and khaki pants at Target), to a strict uniform standard, such as at airports, uniforms are an invaluable asset in promoting brand awareness, one of the core factors of the rebranding process. At SITEX, we’re very experienced in outfitting companies of all sizes and industries. Let us help you tailor your corporate image with high-quality, well-designed, and well-kept uniforms.

And by partnering with a professional uniform provider, like SITEX, you won’t ever have to worry that your uniforms would look anything but their best, making your ambassadors stand out and helping you manage your cost with laundering services. Give The Image Makers a call to get started!

Essential Guide to Uniform Programs

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