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Can Uniforms Increase Employee Productivity?

By Sitex Corp   /    Wednesday, October 1, 2014   /   , ,

If you’ve been on the fence about investing in uniforms for your employees, considering the benefits that uniforms have on employee productivity may convince you to take the plunge.

Uniforms allow us to easily identify people who work in specific industries, but they also lend a sense of professionalism to the job at hand. Uniforms can also make the wearer feel as if they are part of a unique group, which means he or she may feel more enthusiastic about their job, improving performance and productivity. Take a police officer and doctor as examples: you don’t have to run down the street shouting for an officer, you can easily see them, and a doctor’s attire can convey trust.

Uniforms also remove the need for individualized clothing while on the job. While this may sound like a bad thing, as if you’re removing someone’s individuality, consider clothing in a different way. Aside from expressing personality, looking at someone’s clothing is an often used way to estimate someone’s social class. This type of snap judgment in the workplace may be unconscious, but it can create tension and jealousy among coworkers. Removing the need for individualized outfits can contribute to healthier colleague relationships, eliminating social barriers, and lead to a better, more productive work environment. For some individuals, a more casual dress code that allows employees to choose their own work clothing can also lead to a more casual attitude toward their work, decreasing productivity.

When considering uniforms for your business, it’s also very important to consider uniform fit and comfort. An itchy or ill-fitting uniform can be very distracting to an employee, and reduce productivity. If you’re considering uniforms for your business, SITEX can help you leverage the benefits of investing in uniforms and offer you the best uniforms for your industry. Contact us today for more information!

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