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A Commitment to Safety on the Road

By Sitex Corp   /    Wednesday, June 1, 2016   /   , , ,

The Summer Driving Season is upon us, meaning there are a lot more cars on the road throughout the day. In order to promote safe driving practices, the National Motorists Associate (NMA) designated June as Lane Courtesy Month. At SITEX, safety is and always has been our #1 concern when conducting business. This includes on the road, where our Route Service & Sales Specialists make deliveries daily as well as providing proper apparel for those that depend on their uniform to keep them visible and safe.

One of the ways we’ve invested in the safety of our team members on the road, is with the help of the inthincTM technology system. By having this new system installed into our fleet, we are able to improve safe driving habits, decrease carbon emissions and save fuel. With inthincTM, we can provide real time driver mentoring, including monitoring speed, seatbelt usage, and aggressive driving, to alert the current driver to better safe driving procedures. 

Drivers aren’t the only ones who have to remain vigilant in order to be safe on the road. Construction workers, public safety officers, and community service volunteers all know the importance of being seen on the side of the road. Professional and durable safety gear that combines fluorescent neon colors (for visibility during the day) and reflective elements (for visibility in low-light conditions) are an important part of any safety program.

At SITEX, our long history working with these industries means that we know the right garments to keep you safe, and the safe way to transport them to your facility. Request our Essentials catalog for a look at our most popular direct sale offerings, or set up a uniform rental plan today!

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