Employee Uniform Cleaning – Best Practice

By Sitex Corp   /    Monday, September 13, 2010   /  

Once you have chosen your employee uniforms, how do you properly care for them and keep their cleaning efficient and organized?

SITEX has implemented a new sorting and tracking system, SITRAX to just this.

What is SITRAX: An automated sorting and tracking system using bar code and radio frequency technology. Bar code labels and radio frequency chips are placed in garments, mats, and other items and then tracked throughout the preparation and laundry process.

Our SITRAX automated tracking and sorting system ensures that your uniforms, linens, and mats are accurately identified, sorted, and tracked throughout our facility, eliminating shortages and misplaced items.

SITRAX can accurately account for items by: tracking inventory, tracking where an item is in our facility, tracking how often the item is turned in, tracking the life of an item, and tracking the number of repairs and replacements of items. All of this leads to better accountability, complete accuracy, better customer satisfaction, and lower costs for our valued customers.