Medical Uniform Rental Service 2021

The Best Medical Uniform Rental Service in 2021

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 For medical uniform service in 2021, give your employees uniforms they’ll appreciate the entire year. Upgrade and improve the service of your medical uniform rental with SITEX: your ideal medical uniform rental service in 2021.

Here’s what SITEX provides that other uniform services don’t:

The Best Medical Uniform Service and Selection in 2021

Good medical uniform rental service in 2021 starts with excellent medical uniforms to rent. At SITEX, your medical uniform selections are high-quality from every perspective. Durability, construction integrity, and wearer comfort go into every garment we distribute.

Our uniforms will withstand the demands of long shifts at the hospital and repeated use. Their engineered design allows for comfortable throughout long shifts while also protecting them. Additionally, our laundry service ensures cleanliness of delivered materials. 

Storage Support Option

SITEX takes care of all your needs, even storage. That is why we also offer uniform lockers for your facility. Lockers keep your uniforms protected in one of the most cost-efficient ways possible.

Professional storage provides a clean, space-efficient unit for holding fresh, ready-to-use linen and  in your facility to house your uniforms. Additionally, this allows for uniforms to be securely stored upon arrival at your facility, reducing risks of exposure to contaminants. Our storage solutions also fortify protection against losses due to mix-ups and employees accidentally taking their uniforms outside of the facility.

Uniform Loss Protection

SITEX knows, more than anyone else, the hassles and costs that come with uniform loss. We also know how this is one of the most prevalent issues in medical facilities across the country. That is why we have designed a fool-proof system against uniform loss.

Our tracking tool, SITRAX, allows precise monitoring of medical uniforms as they enter and leave your facility. With a small radio transponder sewn into each garment, SITRAX also provides a reliable count of garments as they move through our facility. This ensure they’re exposed to the right cleaning processes and accurately counted leaving the facility. 

Easy Repairs

Even the toughest of uniforms succumb to wear an tear. With the rigorous demands of working in the medical field, some tears and damages is inevitable. For this reason, we make repairs are hassle-free.

Each SITEX customer has access to our mobile app that makes repair service requests easy. It eliminates the need for endless phone calls and the long waiting time. With SITEX, help is always a couple of clicks away!

Tailor-Made Solutions

Every SITEX service begins with a thorough evaluation of your uniform needs. We take the time to learn about your company and its unique characteristics and needs. Once assessed and communicated, we

We are not in the business of generic garment supply and care solutions. We work towards a working, effective, result-oriented service – the kind that stabilizes your supply needs, meets your criteria on quality, protects your employees, and does so conveniently for your facility.

Welcome the New Year with Better Medical Uniform Rental Service from SITEX!

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