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Summer Uniforms That Protect Employees

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This summer is different from any other in recent memory, and not for the best. People are taking vacations in their living rooms, and those who can are working from their dining room. Industries that don’t have work from home options, though, must contend with one of the hottest summers on record. For outdoor workers, that spells all kinds of difficulty.

If you’re an employer looking to improve your workers’ working conditions through the hot weather, investing in summer-suitable uniforms is a good start!

What to Look for in Summer Work Uniforms

When it comes to your summer work uniforms, wearer comfort is the most important standard to meet. You want to protect your employees from the discomfort that summer brings: high temperatures, excessive sweating, etc. Here are some things to add to your checklist in your search for summer-ready work uniforms:

  • Breathability. Breathable uniforms keep the wearer cool thanks to fabric that has enough channels through which air can freely flow. They allow for better ventilation throughout the day and prevent its wearer from getting soaked in their own sweat.
  • Lightweight material. Lightweight fabrics allow for ease of movement, which is all the more crucial in keeping your employees cool and comfortable through the long, hot summer workdays.
  • Moisture-wicking capacity. There is no way to completely prevent sweating on the hottest days of the season, but the right uniforms can alleviate the discomfort with the right materials. Uniforms enhanced with moisture-wicking capacities do not hold onto sweat like other materials do. Instead, moisture-wicking uniforms help speed up the evaporation of sweat and thus prevent that icky, sticky, uncomfortable sweaty feeling.
  • Color-fastness. Summer workdays expose employees not only to sweat but also to more dust, leaving uniforms extra dirty and dusty and requiring more intense and frequent washing. You want uniforms that hold color better and for longer!
  • Overall durability. With the more intense washing that the season calls for, it is important for your summer uniforms to be more durable than ever. You need the seams to be neat and strong, the fabric hardy, and their overall appearance longer lasting.

Your SITEX Summer Uniforms

The only thing more important than getting high-quality summer-ready uniforms for your workforce is where and with whom you are getting them.

The right uniform service provider goes beyond ensuring the quality of your work garments, and beyond making sure that your uniforms meet the aforementioned requirements. Your best choice for a uniform service provider is one that gives you outstanding maintenance service, transparent transactions, and solid, strong customer support policies that put your needs at the highest priority.

You’ll need the caliber of service that only SITEX can provide!

High-Quality Uniform Service for All Seasons

SITEX has the expertise, facilities and products your business needs to succeed. For your summer work uniforms and beyond, trust only SITEX! Call us today at (270) 631-2231 to get started, request access to our catalog, or get a free quote.