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Preparing your uniform for winter weather

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Last year’s winter surely stands out in many people’s minds for its series of blizzards and bitter cold snaps, and many businesses are already preparing their buildings and employees for winter’s challenges. An important piece? Updating your uniform that will keep your team warm, and safe, from wind and weather. In the same way that we guided you through building your summer uniform, we have all the essentials of a winter ensemble available for your uniform program.

Wintry weather presents unique challenges, from ice slick walkways to wet conditions inside as snow and sleet melt off coats and boots. As the holidays roll around, people who have to work outdoors need uniform options that are comfortable and stay within the business dress code.

Two of the major concerns for employers is frostbite and windburn prevention. Early warning signs include red or pale skin, prickling sensations, and numbness. While the ideal solution is to limit exposure to cold, wet, or windy weather, this may not be possible for all industries. Instead, supply several layers of loose, warm clothing that help trap air, providing much needed insulation. Wear windproof and waterproof outer garments, and choose sweat-wicking inner layers to wick moisture away from the skin.

Your protection shouldn’t stop there. Wear a hat or headband that fully covers your ears, preferably made from woolen or windproof materials for optimal cold protection. Also, opt for mittens over gloves for best protection. Change out of wet clothing – particularly gloves, hats, and socks – as soon as possible.

Essential Guide to Uniform Programs

While staying warm is the objective, it’s also important to consider where the extra layers will go when employees are inside your facility. We recommend having a dedicated area where team members can hang up coats and scarves, as well as store mittens and snow boots to stop water and dirt from spreading and creating slip hazards. Also, encourage wool overcoats to be left at home. While wool is a great natural fibre and well known insulating properties, if worn on a snowy day, soon all you’ll notice is that lingering, “wet wool” smell. Uniform companies are in the best position to help you add these key elements to your existing uniforms. Our selection of winter work wear includes great waterproof jackets for both men and women that allow them to feel comfortable in all elements, like the Perma-lined Panel Jacket or Solid Team Jacket. Need a little more insulation? Consider a Coverall that leaves no space for cold wind to sneak in. Finally, providing wintery uniforms shows that you care. You understand your employees needs and you take steps to ensure that they are taken care of, and before the winter chill arrives, the preparation of providing a winter uniform plan is a great gift. Want to see how your uniform can be converted?  Give SITEX a call!

Essential Guide to Uniform Programs