Every successful restaurant needs quality aprons for its staff. Your employees can’t do their job properly without the right aprons or a provider to take care of them. A quality apron will provide comfort, convenience, protection, and style.

SITEX has the inventory and cleaning procedures to ensure comfortable and stylish restaurant employees:

Comfort, Convenience, and Functionality 

Aprons are more than a cover for clothing. They’re a symbol of the food service professional, a tool kit, and a reliable partner. Your employees’ aprons should be comfortable to wear and highly functional. Aprons from SITEX are sourced from high-quality producers, designed to work optimally. 

Comfort– From the materials that they’re made of to the engineering that goes into their construction, aprons from SITEX are designed for superior comfort. Quick to put on and take off, the last thing to slow your employees down will be our aprons. 

Convenience and Function– Designed with every possibility in mind, our aprons come with accessible and deep pockets. With space for server books, check presenters, and pens, your servers will be satisfied with these aprons. 

All-Around Protection

Keeping your employees safe and healthy starts with their uniforms. Aprons from SITEX are constructed with the health and safety of their wearers in mind. Because of this, we only source our aprons from safe, reliable companies that have a proven record of reliable materials. From superior comfort to safety, SITEX products check every box.

Color and Style that Works for You

Whether you’re looking for server, bistro, or standard bib aprons, SITEX has them in the color you need. Every restaurant has its own style or color patterns, and we want to help bring that flare to life. To do so, we supply a variety of colors to fit every aesthetic. 

Contact SITEX for Superior Apron Services

When it comes to the comfort, look, and safety of your restaurant’s employees, there can be no shortcomings. The aprons your restaurant needs to succeed are just a phone call away. Give us a call at (270) 631-2231 for more information, or contact us here