Kitchen Apparel

kitchen apparel

In order for your restaurant’s employees to be as productive as possible, they need apparel that’s comfortable and functional. When you get your kitchen apparel through SITEX, you’re getting clean, stylish, and professional kitchen apparel. For comfortable, productive employees that always look good, go with SITEX. 

Here’s some of the world-class kitchen apparel we have: 


Chef/Cook Apparel

Chefs and cooks should always look and feel like the important part of your business that they are. Having clean, ready uniforms for your restaurant’s chefs and cooks is important for their comfort and safe food preparation. 


Chef Coats

No chef ensemble is complete without a high-quality, crisp, clean chef coat. Finding the right chef coat for your chef is no simple matter. It needs to be a perfect blend of comfort, protection, stain resistance, and coolness. Anything less could frustrate the creation of your customer’s food, and that’s unacceptable. SITEX knows what’s at stake, and has the quality to satisfy any restaurant’s apparel needs. 


Cook Shirts

Your cooks need to be just as comfortable as your chefs. That’s why we also offer cook shirts. Our shirts come in a variety of color options to suit the aesthetic of your restaurant. They are also durable, comfortable, and functional. It’s a win-win for everyone!


Restaurant Employee Apparel

The employees who are seen by and interact with your customers must be presentable and ready at all times. If their uniforms aren’t up to the task or don’t look the part, that reflects badly on the business. Having quality apparel for them to wear is vital to maintaining the customer’s experience. 



Several positions in a restaurant benefit from quality aprons. With the many uses that aprons have, it’s no wonder that they’re a staple of restaurant operation. Only one catch – for them to look and function at their best, they need to be clean and quality. SITEX can ensure both with our quality selection of styles and options. 



If you want that extra mile out of your employee’s uniform experience, consider custom embroidery for your kitchen apparel. Having your business’s name embroidered onto your business’s uniforms is a very impressive statement. It establishes professionalism, competency, and pride without saying a word. 


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