Commercial Linen Services

First impressions are instant. Nowhere are they more important than in food service, where visual appeal greets the customer, whets the appetite and adds sizzle. We have a large variety of napkins, tablecloths, and apparel to outfit your staff and restaurant. All SITEX linens for our kitchen linen & apparel services are made of non-toxic textiles and have been approved by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) to be used in healthcare and medical services, food processing, and food service.

We know running a restaurant takes a lot of work, so we make it our job to take one more thing off your plate: linen services. You can trust us to deliver everything you need on-time and in excellent condition. Linens play a huge role in enhancing your restaurant’s image, so invest in quality restaurant products and linen services today with SITEX. Leave your linens to us, and leave yourself more time to run your restaurant business!

But we don’t limit ourselves to just restaurants. Our products are applicable to different industries and specifications. Read more about our products and linen services below!


Restaurant Linen Services

Let SITEX take care of the laundry! With our linen services, we take your restaurant’s soiled linens, launder them using state-of-the-art, EPA awarded, green detergents, and return fresh linens to your restaurant to keep your restaurant clean and running smoothly.

All Purpose Kitchen Towel

This patent-pending towel is designed with high performance fibers to increase absorbency and wiping efficacy with rapid-rate moisture wicking capabilities. It has demonstrated superior wiping quality on all hard surfaces and table-tops, kitchen appliances, bar and stem-ware, and stainless steel.

Its best-in-class quality has been proven to significantly reduce linting compared to the standard bar towel. An even brighter, whiter, and softer to touch feel makes this towel easier to use while also providing a cleaner environment. A standard bar towel shrinkage is 13% after 10 washes. SITEX towel shrinkage is 3% after 10 washes.