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Automotive Workwear That’s Durable, Feels Good, and Looks Great.

It’s true that the better your employees feel about what they’re wearing, the better your business will do. Especially in the automotive industry, where your employees’ uniforms are on display every day as they get their job done. That’s why you should get your automotive workwear from SITEX. Our automotive uniforms are tough enough to withstand the requirements of the job, while being soft enough that they fit comfortably on the worker. Not to mention, functionality aside, how great they look! Within our collection of automotive uniforms, we have products that have been featured on shows such as HorsePower, Muscle Car, Trucks!, and more.


What Makes Service Uniform Stand Out?

Imagine uniforms that naturally look great, and then put those on employees who feel confident in their workwear, and your business will radiate that confident, professional appearance. Some of the features that our automotive workwear program include are:

  • Customizability to your company.
  • Wickability.
  • Comfort and breathability.
  • Easy pick-up and drop-off of uniforms.
  • High-quality laundering services so you always get back a clean, quality uniform.
  • Touchtex Technology with soil releasing features to prevent stains.
  • SITRAX technology to keep track of all your uniforms in our inventory.


Why It’s Better to Rent Your Automotive Workwear

Chances are, your automotive shop doesn’t have its own laundry equipment, and asking your employees to bring home company uniforms and launder them is a recipe for disaster. If they don’t do the job right, they can shrink, damage, and ruin their uniforms. No matter how much training you do, that pristine uniform appearance is not guaranteed.

When you rent your automotive wear, you not only get high-quality uniforms, but you get that combined with laundering processes that are far more affordable than handling things yourself. This way, your uniforms also stay high-quality for as long as possible.


High-Quality Automotive Workwear from SITEX

If you’re looking for the best quality automotive uniforms alongside excellent customer service and laundering, look no further than SITEX. Our facilities are state-of-the-art and reliable, so you always know you’re getting back a clean uniform. If your business is in Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, or Tennessee, all you need is SITEX to handle your uniform rentals and laundry.

For a custom uniform that positively represents your brand, reach out today!


Call SITEX for All Your Uniform Needs!

If you’re now looking at your automotive uniforms and realizing it’s time for a makeover, make this project simple. Give SITEX a call at 270-631-2231 to learn more about our automotive workwear rental programs.

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