high-visibility apparel

You can’t put a price tag on employee safety.

When it comes to high-visibility apparel, your workforce deserves nothing less than the best. Invest in quality high-visibility apparel with SITEX!

Our hi-vis apparel line has all the qualities you need from your safety gear, delivered in the brand of excellence and customer satisfaction that SITEX is known for:

+ Features front and back reflective striping in standard fluorescent safety yellow

+ Made of high-quality industrial grade safety apparel material

+ Available in shirts and vests

+ Treated using SITEX’s top technology for safety apparel maintenance

+ Tracked using our innovative SITRAX uniform tracking technology for accurate inventory


Invest in employee safety with SITEX High-Visibility Apparel!

SITEX believes that employee safety comes second to none. That is why SITEX sources only the best materials in hi-vis apparel technology to make sure that your workers stay safe and get to work with adequate protection against the hazards of their job.

Our high-visibility shirts and vests are some of the best in the market. Our PPE experts have handpicked them to ensure that each garment has passed the highest industry standards in protective apparel technology. SITEX also uses no less than the best in state-of-the-art laundry technology to ensure that the integrity and functionality of these hi-vis garments is maintained even after multiple washings and extensive use.


The SITEX Guarantee of Customer Satisfaction

We at SITEX pride ourselves on our unequaled dedication to customer satisfaction. With items as crucial as high-visibility gear, SITEX maintains the strictest procedures in making sure that every item that goes through our gates and goes to yours has been thoroughly checked and cleared safe for use.

This, coupled with our innovative tracking technology and unrelenting commitment to excellent results, ensures that you are guaranteed a customer experience that is convenient, efficient, and highly satisfactory.

Your employees are the backbone of your business. Invest in their safety and make the right choice with SITEX hi-vis apparel. Call 270-631-2231 to get started or to learn more about our uniform rental program.