Lab Coats

lab coatsLab coats can be difficult and time-consuming to clean. Why put your medical business through all that work when you have more important things to worry about? Instead of running a medical laundry out of your facility, outsource your lab coats to SITEX!



We take care of rentals, cleaning, and mending for you. Plus, our selection is customizable. Our lab and counter lapel coats come in blue and white. We can easily embroider them with names and titles so you get the personalized look that you want.


Convenient Service

The whole purpose of outsourcing your lab coat management is to take work off your plate – not to add more to it. What’s the point of getting a lab coat service if you have to spend as much time getting your commercial laundry partner to produce the results you want as you spent on managing your lab coat inventory yourself? That’s why SITEX makes the lab coat rental process as easy for you as possible.


Thorough Laundering

Our SITRAX automatic sorting and tracking system monitors all of your work apparel using RFID and barcode technology so that your deliveries are always accurate. Using this system we can keep track of your inventory, frequency of repairs and replacements, and the number of times laundered so we know exactly when to repair and replace your lab coats.


Family Values

But our high-tech commercial laundry facilities and tracking systems are only one part of the equation. The other part is our family-owned values and customer service. We promise you faster response and approval times, lower prices, and better values than even the biggest companies. We also offer simpler invoicing so you know exactly why you’re being charged. It’s everything you could want – high-quality products and services with local family service – all in one place.

Get Lab Coats That Last

Stop wasting time and money on low-quality products that wear out quickly! Contact our representatives today to learn more about our lab coat rental services and to get started on the program that you need.


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