Stay organized with a SITEX locker program.

What’s the point of a uniform rental program if you still can’t keep track of your work apparel? Uniform loss can be a huge issue and drain on company resources, which is why it’s imperative to have systems in place so that nothing gets lost.

Facilities can quickly become disorganized without the appropriate storage containers. Fortunately, SITEX has a variety of bins and carts to help you organize all of your apparel! We have soil bins, compartment uniform storage lockers and z-rails to hang your garments on. Our apparel systems can help you reduce uniform loss in your facility, saving you both time and money spent on procuring new uniforms for your employees! Plus, with a SITEX locker program, you’ll have the uniforms you need to start every workday looking great.


Almost every uniform company can offer you uniforms, but a uniform and linen provider should be about more than that. It’s about making the entire process of uniform selection, rental, pickup, laundering, delivery, repairs and replacements as simple as possible, so that the client has more time to focus on his or her business.

Let SITEX take care of your uniforms for you! When you work with us, you get the advantage of:


 – Technology that keeps track of repairs, replacements, product locations and makes inventory a breeze.

 – Family ownership and all of the values that accompany a history of local, personalized and contiguous service.

 – Sustainability in all of our operations so that working with SITEX means working towards making the world a better place.

 – Added worth that surfaces in our customer care programs, simplified invoicing and transparent services.


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