How to save money on your towel service

By Sitex Corp   /    Friday, October 29, 2010   /   , , ,

Many businesses especially restaurants use many different types of towels in their program.  This can be costly to the both the customer and the linen rental company,  like SITEX, that you use.  In order for both to save on cost, the customer needs to be educated on the different types of towels offered and more importantly, which ones they should be using for particular jobs.

Bar Towels – These should be used in areas such as wiping counters and tables.  This very absorbent towel is ideal where light to medium soil is encountered for general cleaning jobs.  This towel should not be used around heavy grease or scorching heat areas!

Soda Towels – These are for drying or polishing in light to medium soil applications.  The soda towel should be a very low lint towel making it the perfect towel for glass and glass-ware.  This towel should not be used around heavy grease or scorching heat areas!

Cleaning Towel – This is a heavy hitter!!  You need to use this towel in areas where soil is heavy.  The cleaning towel loves grease and grime, and can take it.  The towel should be very absorbent, utility grade towel designed to handle the heavier cleaning jobs, BUT this towel should not be used around scorching heat.

Grill Pad – This one takes the heat!  The grill pad should be used in areas where heat, grease, and grime are present.  It is layered to protect your hands and handle the heat.  This towel is great for grill cleaning, pots, pans and other high heat, heavy soil areas.

After reading this, you probably need to review your current linen rental program and services to make sure you are using the correct towels in the correct areas.  Once this is done, you will be saving more money by not having to pay replacement and/or damage charges and might be able to lower your inventory levels on other towels!