2021 Year in Review at SITEX

By SITEX Corp   /    Wednesday, December 29, 2021  /  
2021 was an adventure filled with every kind of twist and turn imaginable. We weathered it together with our customers, employees, and community, and finished the year stronger than when we started. It’s together that we’ll see through 2022 as well. See our 2021 year in review below!

Solar Energy Project Initiative | SITEX

By SITEX Corp   /    Tuesday, November 23, 2021  /  
SITEX has gone solar! Our Henderson, KY laundry processing facility has recently installed a massive new solar PV system through AmerLight Energy. SITEX has long been an active participant in the global efforts toward making the commercial laundry industry cleaner, greener, and more sustainable. This new solar initiative is in line with our pre-existing sustainability…

Become Part of the SITEX Family! (Video)

By SITEX Corp   /    Thursday, July 15, 2021  /  
Your next career move should be with a company that values its employees, treats them well, and develops their talents. If you agree, then consider SITEX! Watch the video below for more info and to meet the team!

How Uniforms Strengthen Work Relationships

By SITEX Corp   /    Monday, July 12, 2021  /  
Uniforms are an important part of any thriving workspace. They have a unique ability to strengthen work relationships more than any other activity, tool, or concept that a business can come up with. 

Why Go With SITEX? (Video)

By SITEX Corp   /    Tuesday, June 29, 2021  /  
Choosing your linen or uniform provider is not an easy decision. Which company can you trust to deliver the correct materials when you need them while maintaining their quality? Will their customer support be there when you need it? Watch the above video to see why SITEX is the right choice. For more information, contact…