Custom Uniforms – How to Choose the Right Look

By Sitex Corp   /    Monday, September 13, 2010  /  
First impressions are formed in seconds. The right uniform program ensures your brand image will be enhanced from the first smile or handshake. Company image wear provides increased security, employee confidence and teamwork, as well as the assurance that customers will easily identify your employees. The service support provided by our extensive distributor network makes…

Restaurant Linen Cleaning Services – Acheiving Customer Satisfaction

By Sitex Corp   /    Monday, September 13, 2010  /  
Having issues managing your linen service in a fast-paced service industry? Dealing with a linen rental service that is focused on customer satisfaction is key in order to ensure the success of your linen rental and cleaning program. Rafferty’s Restaurant has used SITEX as their linen company for a little over 3 years, and recently…

microfiber cotton towels

Three reasons to love the microfiber bar towel

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Our Microfiber Bar Towel helps you wipe away dirt and grime with a new product that is more efficient, more durable, and more value-driven than ordinary cotton bar towels every thought about being.  The SITEX’s Microfiber Bar Towel attracts and removes dirt and grime up to 5x’s more than the standard bar towel.  Check out…