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Going Custom With Personalized Garments

By Sitex Corp   /    Tuesday, February 23, 2016  /   , , , , ,
Restaurants, hospitals, airlines, auto rental, and entertainment businesses know that when custom apparel is done right, they make a great first impression for the company. At SITEX, we often state that your employees can be a walking billboard, and they are advertising your business each time they stop at the store after work or go out…


5 Best Customized Employee Giveaways

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Starting out a new year means new sales, new opportunities for growth, and new incentive programs for your employees!  Make sure that you are encouraging proper participation of your employees by making sure that you are providing the right incentives!  It isn’t always about the bonus or expensive TV.  Remember that all employees have smaller…

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5 Things You Might Not Know About Your Rental Uniforms

By Sitex Corp   /    Friday, November 22, 2013  /   , , , , ,
5. Barcodes & RFID Chips – Each of your garments are barcoded or chipped with and RFID chip.  These barcodes give us lots of information to be able to help you locate missing pieces or when repairs and mends have to be made to your garment.  From these barcodes and RFID chips, we can tell…

Is a uniform program right for your business?

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In today’s business world there are lots of products and services every business needs in order to operate their own business.  Many people use some kind of accounting software, lead generation assistance, a cleaning service, someone that delivers office supplies, etc.  That list could go on and on. However, have you ever considered uniforms as…

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Online shopping: The ease of getting it done at SITEX

By Sitex Corp   /    Friday, May 18, 2012  /   , , ,
Going to the mall and spending hours and hours looking for something to purchase is beginning to become a way of the past.  Online shopping has catapulted itself into the forefront of our shopping routines.  Most everyone who has access to the Internet has purchased something online. The benefits of online shopping are nearly endless…

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Why Do You Need a Uniform Rental Company?

By Sitex Corp   /    Tuesday, February 14, 2012  /   , , , ,
We all wear clothes to work, so why not simplify your employees’ lives and increase your company’s exposure all at the same time? SITEX is a uniform rental company that will help you with all of your uniform needs. Uniforms are available in all sorts of variations including 100% cotton rental uniforms to Flame-Resistant Garments….