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How High-Visibility Uniforms Prevent Workplace Injuries 

By SITEX Corp   /    Monday, March 28, 2022   /  

High-visibility uniforms are one of the most crucial garments you should equip your employees with. To understand how high-visibility uniforms prevent workplace injuries, it is important to understand what they are and how they work.

What are High-Visibility Uniforms?

High-visibility uniforms are special garments – or garment additions – that increase wearer visibility. Often called ‘high-vis’, high-visibility clothing is made of highly luminescent, matte fabric that is easy to see in low-light. In some cases, high-vis uniforms also come with retroreflective stripes that illuminate when light hits the garment.

High-vis uniforms come in the form of jackets or vests, although full-body high-vis garments are available for crucial workplaces.

Who Needs These Uniforms?

High-vis uniforms are designed for employees who work in places where there is low visibility. This includes nighttime outdoor workers as well as those who work in dimly-lit indoor workspaces. High-vis uniforms are also essential for the use of employees who have to work with moving traffic and heavy equipment. These occupations include:

  • Construction Workers
  • Traffic Workers
  • Heavy-Equipment Operators
  • Security Personnel
  • Emergency Service Responders

How Do High-Vis Uniforms Prevent Workplace Injuries?

High-visibility garments are required for employees who work in dimly lit work environments, and for jobs where employees work near traffic and heavy equipment. This is because high-vis garments keep employees easily visible to these moving parts and prevent accidents.

High-Visibility Uniforms: Where to Get Them

SITEX is the industrial workwear expert that specializes in the supply and care of high-visibility uniforms. We have supplied the best high-visibility uniform service in Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, and Illinois since 1961. We offer:

OSHA-Compliant Garment Selections

SITEX has handpicked our high-visibility uniform selections to meet OSHA guidelines. This ensures the optimum protection of your critical workers. The OSHA Manual requires different types and levels of visibility from high-vis garments depending on the kind of work and environment. Here’s a breakdown of high-visibility clothing requirements from OSHA, including guidelines on quality, payment, and maintenance.

Superior Laundry Expertise

SITEX uses advanced laundry techniques that maintain not just the cleanliness of your high-vis garments. Our laundry expertise also ensures that the reflective and high-visibility properties of your protective uniforms are retained.

Reliable Deliveries

Our dependable and on-time uniform service secures the availability of high-vis uniforms for all your employees. No matter how big or small your team may be, SITEX makes sure that they have access to clean protective garments for every shift.

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