mop services

Bigger needs require bigger and better solutions! For your business’ floor cleaning and maintenance needs, low-quality, generic mops just will not make the cut. Get mops that are built for structure, durability, and cleaning efficiency – get mops from SITEX!

Mop Services for All Floor Care Needs

Our commercial mop rental and maintenance service is ideal for all kinds of businesses – whether you run a large, busy facility that needs round-the-clock floor cleaning, or a smaller business that needs maximum cleaning results for minimum work so your team can focus on your business and your clients.

SITEX offers a great range of industrial mops to suit any floor type:


 – Dry Mops

 – Wet Mops

 – Microfiber Mops

Mops Engineered for Tough Work

SITEX believes in the value of a clean workplace in a business’ success. That is why we have designed our mop rental services to deliver the kind of cleanliness that will help push your brand forward without taking up so much of your time.

SITEX has an exceptional line of industrial-grade mops and mop handles that are selected for durability and efficiency. Both our selection of mop heads and mop handles are made of high-quality materials that won’t break or fall apart.

For maximum support, our mop rental services are made even better with our hardcore maintenance service. We use high-end cleaning processes to ensure that the mops that get delivered to your facility are always in the best condition, ready to tackle every last bit of grime and dirt on your floors and bring out the best in your facility!


SITEX Brings Out the Best in Your Business

SITEX is the mop service upgrade that will take your floor care and maintenance to a whole new level of convenience! Start your mop services today – call SITEX at 270-631-2231. Our representatives are standing by.