Paper towels service

Far too many businesses have suffered from bad reviews over poorly maintained restrooms and empty paper towel dispensers. You can do better than that with a little extra help from SITEX’s paper towels service!

Our paper towels supply service is part of the SITEX selection of facility restroom services. We offer quality, convenient, and cost-efficient solutions for your restroom supply needs.

Paper Towels from SITEX

Elevate the look and sanitary standards in your facility with paper towel services only from SITEX:

– High-quality paper products with dispensers to match. Smooth, soft, and thick – these are the unmistakable qualities of good paper towels. That’s the quality you can expect from our paper towel supplies. Coupled with our dispensers, SITEX gives your restroom the upgrade it deserves!

– Green Seal products that meet sustainability standards. Our restroom services are also sustainable. Our paper towels, along with many of our other paper products, have the Green Seal. This means that they are made of 100% recycled fiber and processed in a green, low-carbon footprint facility.

– Timely replenishment to keep you on top of your supplies. SITEX keeps you on top of your restroom needs. Our automatic replacement and exchange programs ensure that you’ll never have to worry about running low on your restroom essentials.

Do Better with SITEX Paper Towels

SITEX does more than just deliver paper towels to your facility. More than securing your product supply, SITEX delivers freedom, convenience, and efficiency.

With SITEX, you’re free to pursue the greater matters, go after bigger projects, and improve other areas of your business because your facility service needs are fully and excellently taken care of. No delays. No shortages. And no bad reviews from your disgruntled customers who have to deal with empty paper towel dispensers.

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Start your paper towel supply service today. Contact SITEX at (270) 631-2231 to get started or to speak with a rep who can answer all of your inquiries.


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