toilet paper

Staying on top of your facility’s toilet paper supply just got easier with SITEX! SITEX is not only your most trusted local uniform and linen service provider, but we’re also your most dependable commercial janitorial supplies provider.

We specialize in helping local businesses stay on top and ahead of their restroom maintenance services with top-notch restroom supply selections and efficient inventory management.

Products and Services You Can Rely On

SITEX’s toilet paper supply service is the support you need to keep your public restroom in the best condition:

– Top-notch products. Never underestimate the power of high-quality commercial toilet paper. High-quality toilet paper is more superior in effectiveness and cost-efficiency. Additionally, better paper is more satisfying and impressive to your customers. And that’s exactly what you can expect from SITEX’s toilet paper supply service.

– Top-notch service. SITEX’s commercial toilet paper supply comes with regular deliveries. This eliminates risks of shortages and the need for last-minute shopping for supplies. SITEX keeps track of your usage and your inventory and replenishes your supplies automatically and on-time.

Restroom Maintenance Made Easy

A good chunk of business is lost to poorly maintained restrooms. Stay on top of your supplies and restroom maintenance with the help of SITEX!

SITEX is your reliable supplier of commercial restroom and janitorial supplies. We specialize in timely, efficient deliveries of paper supplies, hand hygiene products, and odor control products – all to help you improve and maintain the condition of your commercial restrooms. What does this mean for you?

It means safety, quality, convenience, and peace of mind. Forget about having to look for janitorial supplies near you; SITEX has all your commercial toilet supplies and more!

Contact SITEX Today!

Never lose another customer to empty toilet rolls in your facility’s restrooms! SITEX has all your needs covered. Call us today at (270) 631-2231 for more information and pricing inquiries.