Entrance Mats

Mat & Mop Facility Services: Keep Your Floors Clean and Safe

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Let’s imagine for a moment… You pull up to a company and plan on meeting with one of their team members about a possible partnership.  You exit your car and head towards the building as a sprinkle of rain falls to the ground.  They have a company sign, but nothing else on or near the…

GLOVES – New Facility Services: Industrial & Food Service Gloves

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With germs, grease, and dirt surrounding many job scenarios it’s no wonder businesses are looking for quality suppliers to fill their glove needs.  Here at SITEX, we want to be just that…YOUR quality glove supplier. Since opening in 1961 and celebrating 50 years of service, SITEX, once known as Industrial Uniform Services, Inc., has grown…

Polo uniform tops

Judging a book by its cover

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Things do not pass for what they are, but for what they seem.  Most things are judged by their jackets. – Baltasar Gracian It’s often said that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.  Although an excellent idea, studies have shown that most people calculate a first impression of someone within the first 30 seconds…

Relationships Can Be Strengthened By Uniforms

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Many spouses or significant others love to hear the following phrase, “I don’t have any laundry that needs to be done.”  This is a goal of a uniform rental company…to provide crisp, image-making uniforms to our customers. We relieve the everyday stress of laundry, and we make sure your work uniforms are ready for the hard…