Stocking Your Public Bathrooms to Customer Satisfaction

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How clean are your public restrooms? Do they just LOOK clean? Does your staff really know how to handle the cleansing and restocking? For business owners and operators, keeping your facilities clean and well-stocked each day is one of the many things on your plate, but due to their nature, public restrooms need to be…

New at SITEX: Can Liners

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Keep your business clean and litter free! We are excited to introduce our new Can Liners to our catalog in order to keep your business looking its best, from open to close. Offering convenience at a great price, ask us about quality bags with value-pricing. While many consumers don’t give much thought to their trash bags,…

Custom Logo Embroidered Hats and Polos

Going Custom With Personalized Garments

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Restaurants, hospitals, airlines, auto rental, and entertainment businesses know that when custom apparel is done right, they make a great first impression for the company. At SITEX, we often state that your employees can be a walking billboard, and they are advertising your business each time they stop at the store after work or go out…

Building a building in safety uniform

Building a summer uniform

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If you’ve ever packed incorrectly for vacation, you know what it’s like to suffer through a hot day in long sleeves and thick pants. It’s not a great feeling. However, if you only have one all-season uniform, your employees may be having a similar experience. Don’t let sun, sweat or heat stop your employees from…

Online Shopping – The Ease of Getting It Done at SITEX

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Going to the mall and spending hours and hours looking for something to purchase is beginning to become a way of the past. Online shopping has catapulted itself into the forefront of our shopping routines.  Most everyone who has access to the Internet has purchased something online.  Why Shop Online? The benefits of online shopping…

Entrance Mats

Mat & Mop Facility Services: Keep Your Floors Clean and Safe

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Let’s imagine for a moment… You pull up to a company and plan on meeting with one of their team members about a possible partnership.  You exit your car and head towards the building as a sprinkle of rain falls to the ground.  They have a company sign, but nothing else on or near the…